The Inside Story Of Viral Content: Not a Secret Anymore

Those who are unaware of the term, viral content refer to that thought-provoking image or video clip that suddenly becomes an online sensation. People keep on sharing the content and within an hour, the content receives thousands of views, likes and comments. Contents which are capable of triggering high-arousal emotion such as anger, admiration, awe, fear or anxiety mostly become viral. Usually it is seen contents, which are positive in, tone likely to be more viral than those promoting negative influence. One of the best things about viral media, it can help business to grow and be recognized.



How viral media helps businesses grow

  • Viral media unquestionably, exercises good power in lifting a business website to the top, rewarding it with highest ranking. Inbound links are one of the most significant factors in determining the search ranking of a site.
  • When a content is created in a compelling manner to stimulate interest it will be bringing in number of inbound links within days.
  • However, the piece of media needs to be genuine and unique so that viewer actually feels like recommending it on varying social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • When the piece of media is sufficient to grab attention new fans are likely to view and share the content.

How to make a viral content

  • Making viral content is not easy but not impossible either. The fact behind viral videos, they are not something built all of a sudden.
  • Going by the rule of thumb, the content should fall into 6 main categories Taboo, Unusual, Hilarious, Outrageous, Secrets and Remarkable. Learning about these categories help one in building viral
  • Contents, which are up to prompting emotional response, practically useful and positive in viewing, are shared most.
  • Following footsteps is good but imitating content and presenting the same in different color and pattern may not get one expected revenue.
  • Last but not the least viral contents are not meant to put viewers into uncomfortable position rather they are to tantalize people with something eerie.

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