Are You Monatophobic?

Are You Monatophobic?

Death is a guaranteed aspect of life. No one escapes it. Thinking of death often serves as a wake-up call for most people.

They start to worry about their life if they’re living it well or not. They also think of the death process and after it.

Some people are not scared of death. They wait and are ready to face it heads on.

Others are afraid of death. They’re subconsciously cautious about the things they do to prolong the inevitable.

The fear of death is Thanatophobia.

Some people are scared of dying alone, known as Monatophobia.

It can also be the fear of dying single. This is so because the human instinct is wired to crave connectivity with others, especially those we love when faced with death.

We need assurance that we did things right, that we loved and were loved.

If the above is your fear, you’re in safe hands. If you experience Monatophobia, you need a partner in your life. For companionship, try dating through apps.

There are several dating sites online to choose from but before you dive into the online dating scene, need sure to check out user reviews and recommendations from US-reviews.

You might wonder, how does this help me? If you’ve been without a partner for something and you’ve been feeling lonely and worried about it, you need to know that well-known research showed that loneliness is one of the risk factors of early mortality.

Loneliness affects your mental health and leads to anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. All this together can cause death.

How Do I Cope With Monatophobia?

To take away this concern of dying alone, you need the following:

  1. Start Dating: Dating can be physical or online. During physical dating, two partners meet at the office, mall, parking lot, in public transportation, in school, on the street, etc. Contact information is exchanged and a place to meet up is set. For online dating, you need to search for a good site. Next, you set up your profile and check for your potential match, message them then agree to meet in real life.
  2. Meet New People: Try to expand the people you have around you. Network and interact with others. Don’t be an island. This way, you can get an invitation to trips, parties, seminars, etc. Where you can meet a partner. To network, join groups, or dating sites.
  3. Live Happily: Yes, you might have not gotten a partner yet but don’t let this put you in a gloomy space. Spoil yourself. Think happy thoughts and make positive declarations about yourself; love yourself. When you love yourself, you glow with this love on the outside. This is what attracts others to you.
  4. Know That Everyone Dies Alone: Apart from the fact that you’ll have a loved one close by during the death process, understand that the actual journey will involve only you. Therefore instead of fearing to die alone, live a life worth living. Let your journey count to you. Live a life without regrets and relate with people. You’ll find that you’ll worry less about death this way.